Manpower Supply.

1. General Manpower

The provision of manpower supply such as but not limited to labour supply, non-technical manpower for office (e.g. clerk, supervisor, secretaries, executives, etc.) and security personnel (e.g. security advisor, private investigator, etc.)

2. Skilled Manpower

The provision of skilled manpower services such as but not limited to Skilled Technician, Skilled Electrical Manpower (e.g. Technician/Electrician, PW1 Wireman – PW4 Wireman, A0 Chargeman – A4 Chargeman, B0 Chargeman, etc.), Skilled Coded Welders, Radio, Telex, Switchboard Operators, Skilled Machinist, Skilled Offshore Crane Operator, Skilled Instrument Manpower (e.g. fitter, supervisor, foremen etc.), Skilled Welding Inspector, Painting Inspector and Drilling, Completion and Workover Support Staff.

3. Specialized Manpower