Health, Safety & Environment

As a versatile business group, Arissa Group has in place a rigid commitment on Health, Safety and Environment standard.

Arissa Group has a long-standing devotion to the highest level of health and safety for our staffs, clients, and contractors as well as environmental protection in the communities we live and work in. 


  • Prevention of all incidents and accidents that can result from abnormal operating conditions
  • Reduction of adverse effects that may result from normal operating conditions


Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) remains as the vanguard of our priorities, directing the way we perform our business and activities in no tiny measure. Our collaborative and vigarous effort  to maintain a high level of attraction have resulted in an improved performance in HSE.

In Arissa, we are all  pledge to:

  • Pursue the principle of  doing no harm to other humans.
  • Managing HSE matters just like any other important operation.
  • Promote environmental health.
  • Play a leading role in fostering best practice in our sector
  • Incorporate EHS considerations into all phases of the project, including inventory and development.