ARISSA DIGITAL experts will be covering all the aspects in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology. We can transfer the expertise to maintenance segment or securities. These are among many factors that help makes ARISSA DIGITAL as a technology solutions company and often ahead of our competitors in the same field.


Software Development

We develop application and system according to your requirements and preference! Just lay your ground idea and we will make it alive. 

Develop Application & System
Customize Education Learning System

We are committed in multimedia content and  customize Education Learning Solution

Design, installation, testing, commissioning, implementation, training and maintenance of security equipment, wireless emergency system

Hardware Supplies

Hardware Supplies

In need of technology hardware in a big amount? Contact us to get supplies of everything you need from as small as a processor up until as big as a server. We also specialized in setting up all technology devices and put all the components together. Installation, training and maintenance of computer equipment and software

Supply, install and commissioning audio-visual systems integration, language laboratory and conferencing systems tools


Networking and Security

For networking and security, we are specialized in:

– Installation of LAN, MAN and WAN

– Designation of Data Center

– Maintenance of Digital Security Platform 

More than 37 ICT based bumiputra affiliate companies nationwide.

• Can be deployed immediately 

• Experienced with nationwide deployment projects 

• Familiar with project process flow and documentation.

• Able to recruit installers and fast total logistics solution 


Arissa Digital Support Team Throughout Malaysia

Customer & Network Service Center

Nationwide Support Team